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Capeway Dispo: The Premier Choice for Cape Cod’s Finest Cannabis Products

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Welcome to Carver, MA’s very first cannabis dispensary championed by women! The brains behind Capeway Cannabis are Lori and Michelle Hough, sisters-in-law, who found their visits to several cannabis dispensaries less than satisfactory. Drawn from their experiences of dispensaries that were sterile, imposing, and unsatisfying, they envisioned a transformation in 2019.

Their goal? To turn the proverbial tables, making the dispensary experience more soothing, educative, and ultimately enjoyable.


recreational dispensary near meProviding an Engaging & Comforting Dispensary Experience

At Capeway Cannabis, a recreational dispensary, expect a team of friendly and informed individuals eager to provide an engaging and comforting experience. Our crew is ready to promote open conversation, answer any queries and guide you through our extensive assortment of cannabis products.


Featured Cannabis Products

No two trips to Capeway Cannabis are the same – we’re always running specials and bringing in new arrivals! Here’s what we have going on:


Current Specials

Summertime calls for a refreshing beverage, so come stock up on cannabis-infused drinks. We have various choices, including margaritas, cold brews, sodas, teas, and seltzers. Enjoy our super summer savings when you buy a six-pack.

Hashplant X Snowball Kief is one of our favorites, which is why we’re putting it on sale for you to try. 1 g for $16? What a steal! The cannabinoid concentrate can be added to a bowl pack or joint for an extra kick.

Again, when we find something we love, we want everyone to try it. That’s why we’ve knocked down the price of Simply Herb’s PK Crasher to only $30 for 3.5 g. This indica-dominant hybrid has a cerebral buzz followed by a potent physical high.

It’s a great strain for recreational and medicinal users alike, with reports of improving chronic pain, muscle tension, and symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Make sure to snatch up these deals quickly; all offers are while supplies last.


New Arrivals

We are so excited to announce that we have a new brand in our shop – INSA. We now carry flower, prerolls, vapes, and even chocolate bars made with INSA’s top-quality ingredients.

We love INSA’s process they call “pheno-hunting,” which is the process of cultivating specific genetics to breed better plants. The result: innovative new strains and experiences.

Cannabis vaporizers are a great way to consume discreetly and consistently, and live resin vapes are an extra potent kick in the pants. We’re offering live resin disposable vapes for 70 bucks! Check out our favorite strains: Tiki Kiwi and Mountain Deux.

Dried pink peppercorn provides a tangy and floral bite to this bright, tropical blend of Strawberry and Guava. Tart, sweet and herbal, this Jammy has a balanced profile both in its flavor and cannabinoid breakdown (1:1, THC:CBD).

These vegan edibles have no added sugar and are made with a strain-specific, fast-acting emulsion by the award-winning Bountiful Farms. Stock up before they’re gone!

Just in time for grilling season, get your cannabis-infused ketchup, barbeque sauce, and mustard! Take your BBQ to new heights with these canna-condiments – only $20 for a 10-pack.

You read that right – premixed cannabis-infused cake mix, perfect for the novice edibles baker or anyone who wants to wow the crowd with a fresh, summery cannabis-infused dessert.


Capeway — Premier Cape Cod Cannabis Dispensary: Helping You Uncover Natural Wellness!

We stand committed to helping you uncover the best-suited product for your requirements, while imparting an easy understanding of what your Massachusetts cannabis dispensary purchase entails.

Come down to Capeway Cannabis, where you’ll find the dispensary experience as it truly ought to be. We anticipate you enjoying your stay here, experiencing Massachusetts cannabis at its finest!

Be sure to follow us on our social media channels for all the latest in Capeway happenings: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.


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