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First Time Visitors Guide

Hours of Operation

Capeway Cannabis dispensary is located at 307 Tremont St in Carver, MA 02330. Our hours of operation are Monday- Saturday 9am-8pm and Sundays 12pm-6pm.

Age and Identification

You must be 21 years or older to enter our Capeway Cannabis dispensary in Carver, MA. A valid photo ID must be presented to enter the dispensary. Valid IDs include non-expired Driver’s Licenses, State IDs, MA Liquor IDs, or Passports.

Range of Products

You may feel a little overwhelmed at the variety of Cape Cod cannabis products you’ll find at Capeway Cannabis, and that’s ok! You’ll be encouraged to discuss your desired effect(s) with our team of Customer Service Associates. Our associates will discuss the various cannabis products with you, while explaining the marketed effects, active ingredients, differences between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, effects of Melatonin, various Cannabinoids, Terpenes, or anything else that may affect your Carver, MA dispensary experience.

Samples and Tastes are absolutely not allowed.

Doses and Limits

You will want to take it slow at first to understand how a product affects you. We recommend your first dose to be ~2.5mg. It is likely you may not have any side effects at this dose, but you should always exercise caution. In Massachusetts, recreational dispensaries can allow customers to purchase up to 28.3 grams of Cannabis or 5 grams of Cannabis concentrate per day. Customers are only permitted 1 purchase per day.

No Purchase Necessary

If you want to visit Capeway Cannabis, to become educated regarding the nature of our Cape Cod weed, feel free to come by and ask one of our knowledgeable Customer Service Associates any questions you may have. There is no pressure to make a purchase. Capeway Cannabis dispensary is considered a must-see destination for visitors and locals alike!

Where to Smoke

Consumption should be limited to private residences in Massachusetts. Do not consume in public.

Come Back Again

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