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Here at Capeway Cannabis, we are proud to be Carver, Massachusetts’ very first women-owned cannabis dispensary. Providing our local community with natural cannabis-based solutions, we offer products that are sure to satisfy consumers of all walks of life.

We are beyond thrilled for all of the exciting developments in our world, and are looking forward to an exciting New Year of self-care and wellness. Keep reading to find out more about our brand.


More About Our Brand

For our team at Capeway, our ongoing mission is to help you in your search to find the best options for you, while offering you a solid educational foundation regarding what you can expect from the products you buy.

In contrast to the impersonal experience and sterile environments of other dispensaries, our team strives to create and nurture a vibrant atmosphere that is accessible to everyone. With this drive always present in our operations, being able to share the incredible prowess of the cannabis plant is a dream come true.

You might be wondering, What types of products can consumers expect to find on your dispensary shelves? Here are our current offerings:


Products on Our Online Dispensary Menu

  • Flower

Perhaps the most popular way to consume cannabis, we offer an extensive variety of strains/cultivars, with a variety of aromas/flavors and potential benefits. Roll one up or spark up a bowl!

  • Pre Rolls

Looking to skip the time and effort it takes to roll a joint for your next sesh? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of Pre Rolls (pre-rolled joints) is just the ticket.

  • Vaporizers

For a different cannabis consumption experience that may be a bit easier on your lungs, be sure to give vaporizers and vape cartridges a go. With exotic flavors, these products surely pack a punch.

  • Concentrates

Take your natural wellness to the next level with yet another stellar consumption option: cannabis concentrates. With so many classic offerings (and new concoctions being released on a regular basis) – concentrates make your pathway to self-care all the more direct.

  • Edibles

For those that prefer something other than inhalation, cannabis edibles are a great solution that still gets you to where you want to go. Whether you’re consuming for sleep, or just to make your day smoother, be sure to know your dose!

  • Tinctures

Infusing wellness from within is especially discreet and convenient with the implementation of cannabis tinctures into your routine. You can also cook with them, depending on the specifics. With various dosages and flavors, have fun exploring!

  • Topicals

If you’re feeling some bodily discomfort in some areas, cannabis topicals are a great way to infuse wellness into your body externally. They are great for sports and fitness, as well as for just about any other activity – pre or post.

  • Accessories

Having the right accessories on hand will go a long way to ensure that you’re experiencing cannabis in the most optimal ways. Make your journey the best it can be with our carefully curated selection!

Ride the Wave With Capeway Cannabis Dispensary, Carver MA’s Best!

When you walk into our warm and inviting cannabis dispensary facility, you’ll always be greeted by our knowledgeable and friendly team of budtenders.

They are there to be your trusty guides, answering any questions you may have concerning the many products and brands we carry, your particular wellness needs, and anything else in the cannabis universe.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs regarding cannabis education, the latest in Capeway deals and events, strains, terpenes, and more. Follow us on our various Social Media channels! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)


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