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Things to Remember When Visiting the Cannabis Shop

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Visiting a cannabis shop can be an exciting adventure, whether or not it’s your first time. Just like any other experience, going with background knowledge will help you shop with confidence!

In this blog, we are going to cover some information to keep in mind when you are visiting a dispensary in Massachusetts.


The Importance of Conscious & Responsible Cannabis Consumption

Just like in your daily shopping, it is important to be conscious and responsible when purchasing cannabis. If you can, try to support businesses that are women- and/or minority-owned (like Capeway Cannabis, Carver’s first female-owned dispensary!) Your support of minority-owned small business gives back to communities that are largely disparaged.

Similarly, look for businesses that support local or small farmers. Local farmers tend to have higher quality cannabis but are often beat out by large corporations. Additionally, shopping local gives money directly to your own community, supporting the local economy. It’s a win/win!

As always, it is important to be environmentally conscious when consuming cannabis. Afterall, we’re trying to save the earth that the cannabis comes from! Look for zero waste stores and recycling programs to ensure that the dispensary you are buying from is not creating unnecessary waste.

Some dispensaries and brands may offer sustainable packaging, which also supports the environmentally-friendly cause.

Overall, look for a business that aligns with your values. Dispensaries often have mission statements on their about us page. Many dispensaries support local businesses and organizations or even donate to charities that are meaningful to them.

Your money is power – no matter where you are spending it. Make sure to do your research and support dispensaries that support others.


Massachusetts Cannabis Guidelines

Arguably the most important information to know when visiting a dispensary is your state’s cannabis guidelines:

  • In Massachusetts, you must be 21 or older to purchase recreational cannabis.
  • You are allowed to have up to one ounce of cannabis on you at any given time, and you are allowed to have up to 10 ounces in your home.
  • If you have more than one ounce in your home, you must lock it away in a safe place away from pets and children.
  • It is not legal to use marijuana in public in any form, and it is also illegal to cross state lines with or mail any cannabis products.
  • And of course, do not drive while you are high.

If you’re not sure about your local cannabis guidelines, it’s always best to double check!


Budtenders: Always There To Guide

A budtender is an employee that works at a dispensary. The term budtender comes from mixing the word “bartender” with “bud,” which refers to the bud of a cannabis flower. Clever, right?

Budtenders are knowledgable in everything there is to know about cannabis: strains, terpenes, cannabinoids, mind/body effects, cannabis benefits, types of products and consumption methods, state laws, dosages, and overall experience.

In fact, many budtenders complete in-depth cannabis training programs to make sure they are providing the most accurate information for their customers.

The budtender’s main responsibility is to help you make the best decision for yourself and your cannabis-related desires. You are never alone in a dispensary because there will always be a budtender there to look out for you.

Since each person’s body reacts differently to cannabis, what your friend experiences may not be the same as what you may experience. A budtender will be able to cater your cannabis journey specifically to you, based on your desired effects and budget.

Still have questions about visiting a dispensary? Send us a message through our website! We want to make going to a dispensary a warm and welcoming experience. While you’re on our website, check out our menu for wide variety of top-notch cannabis products.


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