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Highlighting the Latest in MA Cannabis News

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The cannabis industry is constantly changing, so staying current is essential. We’ve rounded up some of the biggest cannabis stories in Massachusetts from the last few months to keep you in the loop. Let’s discuss the latest in MA cannabis news!


Cannabis Control Commission Supports Expansion of Veterans’ Access to Medical Marijuana

Firstly, Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission recently took a giant step forward in making the world of medical marijuana more accessible and affordable for our brave veterans.

In a powerful display of unity, the commission voted unanimously to release a statement supporting expanded access to medical marijuana for veterans. This is such an essential move, as it acknowledges the unique and often challenging health issues that veterans face.

Their statement proposes expanding the definition of a “qualifying patient” to include those under the care of the Department of Veteran Affairs with qualifying conditions. They also suggested broadening the definition of “debilitating medical conditions” to cover common issues that veterans grapple with, like post-traumatic stress disorder and opioid use disorder.

While this encouraging statement is the beginning of a more supportive journey, there is still some groundwork to be laid before official changes take effect. These proposed adjustments need to be passed by the state Legislature. Thankfully, bills to implement such modifications have already been brought forward in both the House and the Senate.

So, what does this mean for our veteran friends in Massachusetts and beyond? We’re moving in a direction that recognizes the importance of making medical marijuana accessible and affordable for those who have served in the military. It’s about understanding their unique struggles and supporting their individual healing journeys.


a woman standing at a counter in a storeMA Cannabis Consumption News: Cafe Pilot Program Scrapped

Next, in an unexpected turn, Massachusetts cannabis regulators recently decided to cancel a pilot program that would’ve launched 12 new cannabis consumption sites, fondly termed as cannabis cafes. While this may initially sound like a bummer, the overarching goal behind this move is actually a promising one!

The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) announced that it’s not about turning away from the idea of cannabis cafes. Rather, it’s about widening the scope and working on expanding regulations around cannabis consumption areas. Additionally, the focus will also be on creating licensing provisions that fit with these new regulations.

According to CCC Commissioner Nurys Camargo, the hope is for this decision to serve as an encouragement for municipalities to take a stance on allowing cannabis consumption areas. The ball, so to speak, is now well and truly in their court.

Now rewind to nine months ago. A state law had limited consumption areas to only existing retail locations in specific cities and towns. While this created a window for opening new cannabis consumption areas, it seems, for the most part, that towns nationwide have opted out rather than in.

But let’s not lose hope just yet. We’re excitedly turning our gaze towards Las Vegas, a city that’s gearing up to unveil its cannabis consumption locations this summer. Yes, the City of Lights could potentially blaze a novel trail in the world of cannabis consumption!


Massachusetts’ June Marijuana Sales Set Record at $151.8 Million

Furthermore, the combined sales of recreational and medicinal marijuana in Massachusetts reached an all-time high of $151.8 million in June 2023. According to the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission, adult-use cannabis sales from January 1 to July 2 totaled $760.6 million.

Medical marijuana treatment centers sold an additional $118.5 million worth of cannabis in the same time period. From the time adult-use marijuana became available in November 2018 until July 2, 2023, the CCC reports that Massachusetts has sold $4.74 billion.

Conversely, the price of a gram of cannabis hit a new low at $5.82 in June. The price of a gram of cannabis in June 2020 was $14.34. This drop in price is indicative of the rapid decline in price as the market has matured, but the total sales of marijuana in the state are higher than ever.


green leafStay Tuned for More Updates on the Latest in MA Cannabis News!

Finally, here at Capeway Cannabis, we’re all about keeping you informed and empowering you with knowledge about the ever-changing realm of cannabis. Don’t hesitate to pop by if you have any questions or if you’re keen on exploring cannabis further—no matter whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned enthusiast.

Remember, we’re not just here to sell products; we’re here to enlighten and educate, transforming cannabis consumption into an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Join us on this fascinating journey! Trust us, it’s better together.

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