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What is the Origin of 420?

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  • The origin of 420 (pronounced four twenty) is the subject of a fun debate among legacy cannabis users, the stuff of legends and speculation.
  • Today with the legalization of cannabis on the rise, 420 Day has become a cultural phenomenon. The day on the calendar, April 20th, has become a day of festivals and celebrations in the regions where cannabis use is legal. People worldwide have adopted April 20th as the “420 Weed Day” to celebrate all that is cannabis culture.

Origin of 420 in California

  • In California, where the world’s finest quality cannabis is grown and produced, the origin of 420 has been a hot topic for years. The number of a California State Senate bill that established the State’s medical marijuana program was titled “The 420 State Senate Bill of 2003 – Compassionate Use Act”. California became the second State in America to legalize marijuana for full recreational use in November, 2016. The end of cannabis prohibition opened up a rich world of long suppressed cannabis use and culture and allowed people to “normalize” cannabis use in their daily lives and popular culture.
  • Cannabis has always been an integral part of California life and culture; past, present and future, and today this element in people’s lives is celebrated instead of being hidden. Days like 420 Day give people a way to explore the rich culture of cannabis and cannabis use and cultivation. 420 Day festivities are a place where you can participate with others in the cannabis culture to learn more about cannabis, to share ideas, cannabis infused recipes and even enjoy contests and competitions that have sprung up around around the use and cultivation practices of cannabis.

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