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Pop a couple back and then hit the rack!

sleep bites

sleep bites

Are you ready for a good night’s sleep? You are going to love one of our newest products, Blackberry Snooze Bites from Select. Not only are these yummy gummies filled with blackberry flavor, they also have 5 mg THC in each gummy. Pop a couple before bedtime and get the best night’s rest that you have had in a long time.


clebby's lemon pound cake

Moist, rich, and filled with lemony flavor! Clebby’s pound cake filled with THC will be the hit of your next baking session. So good. It will be gone before you know it. Try some today!


No 9 vapes up close

SAVE on vape carts from No.9 Sunflower Collection. Filled with high THC oil and tons of premium flavor, you will LOVE every puff you pull off of these .5 gram vape carts.

Hybrid Green Apple
Sativa Strawberry
Indica Mango
2 for $50

3 for $75


Come Back Again

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