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New Year, New You! Puff it up in 2024 with Capeway!

Yaaawwwn, have you recovered from New Year’s yet? It is a new year, bring on the new you! Make your  resolution to get stoned any time you can, right?

CONGRATULATIONS to our New Year’s Eve gift bag give away winner, Tyler Higgins. ENJOY!

We are psyched that the Tank vape cartridges are back in stock. They come in an amazing variety of flavors and pack a high THC level for that cannabis vibe that you are looking for.


Blue Dream


Skywalker OG

Coquito mango


Giving up the hooch for January? We get it. That does not mean that the fun has to stop. Put the wineglass down and pick up a joint. Remember, there are no calories in a joint or bong hit.

You just found awesome cannabis flower! Big bud, nice aroma, strong smoke, and heady highs. Find. Flower Power!



Come Back Again

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