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How Did People Learn About the Meaning of 420?

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    • People have different views about the origins of 420. Still, the history of 420 in America goes to the group of high school students from the 1970s in San Rafael, California who called themselves “The Waldos”. The friends would meet up at 4:20pm everyday and smoke marijuana after school. They used 420 as a “code” to keep things on the down low and gradually their code spread – possibly via the Grateful Dead followers (a popular band with roots in the legacy cannabis culture) – across California and beyond.
    • From the days when 420 was a secret code used by a group of students to now, perceptions are changing about cannabis use. With cannabis legalization, comes the ability for solid medical research studies to be done that inform us on the effects of cannabis on the body and brain. And much is being learned in research about cannabis and the different strains of plants that contain up to 400 different groups of compounds that affect the body.
  • Research and information brings with it the much needed potential for a healthy debate with a progressive attitude towards eroding stereotypes and clichés to discover the life-enhancing potential of this remarkable yet controversial plant.
420 Around the World
  • Today, 420 Day is being celebrated in America in the States where cannabis has been legalized and is even growing into a popular month-long Spring celebration during April, much like Octoberfest in the Fall. 420 aligns with many festivals and popular gatherings like Earth Day and outdoor music festivals like the Coachella

  • Cannabis has been and will continue to be a larger part of our entire world-wide culture as we all recognize its many values: from agriculture to counter-culture, art, food, film, music, hemp, medicine, recreation and more. 420 can now be seen on t-shirts and throughout pop culture, and of course on the calendar every April.

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