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Get in the spirt of the holiday weekend!

Last Bite BBQ is cooking away in the lot. Stop by for lunch!

Nothing says Easter like bong hits from a chocolate bunny. Stop in to see us to pick up some premium cannabis flower, then head home to make this easy DIY holiday treat. Pass the ham, pass the pineapple, pass the bong.

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WOAH, $20 Bucks for 3.5 grams of Lemon Sugar Flower from High Supply

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Apotho pre-rolls are the bomb! Try a Rum Cake 1 gram pre-roll for $6 bucks and pick yourself up a 5 pack of 1 gram Choka Cola for $50. Great deals! Great smoke!

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George and Last Bite BBQ are in the lot cooking up delicious ribs, chicken, burgers, and dogs. Swing by, get your cannabis stash, and get yourself a plate of the best food in town.

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