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Waxy Wednesday, Baby! Do you dab?

What better to do on hump day than to check out some amazing Bubble Hash and Live Badder Concentrates!🐫

Do you dab? Dabbing is where Cannabis wax or concentrate is heated in a dab bong. The heated wax produces a vapor which is inhaled. This is a more concentrated Cannabis experience. With THC levels in the 50’s to 70’s you are in for a stoner experience unlike any you have had before. There is a reason that this type of Cannabis use is growing like wild fire. 🔥

Have questions? Our Budtenders are knowledgeable in all things Cannabis and are more than happy to answer any question. Our goal is for you to have an amazing Cannabis shopping experience. Stop on by, we look forward to seeing you.




From Nature’s Heritage | Bubble Hash

Horace 1 gram | 62.5% TAC

Snowball 1 gram | 63% TAC




From Sticky Fish 🐠 | Live Badder

London Pound Cake .5 gram | 79.8% TAC

Golden Bough .5 gram | 70.6% TAC




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