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Celebrate your favorite stoner President with deals from Gentlemen Smugglers

HAPPY PRESIDENTS DAY gentlemen smuggler deal

We hope that you are celebrating this holiday with a joint or vape in your hand, ready to puff.

We want to introduce you to a very unique brand of cannabis, Gentlemen Smugglers. Their story starts with running one of the largest pot smuggling rings in the country back in the 70’s and 80’s. From there Reagan, in the 80’s, busted them and they soon found themselves in jail. 

Now 30 years later comes their reinvention as a legit cannabis business with amazing products that are produces to the highest standard within the industry. We here at the dispensary have tried their vapes and pre-rolls and we LOVE them. So will you.


gentlemen smugglers products

                  • Purple Paradise Cartrdiges
                  • Wedding Kush Cartridges
                  • Cherry Cheetah PRJ
                  • Gelato 33 PRJ
                  • Lick the Spoon PRJ

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the hierloom collective banner

no 9 vape cartridge

Another brand we LOVE is Number 9 from the Sunflower Collection at Heirloom Collective. Wicked nice Mango flavor and carts puff nice and smooth. Pick yourself up one and try it out today.

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