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Cannabis Events & Resources in Massachusetts: Discover, Learn and Connect

people lining up to get into a convention

Greetings, fellow enthusiasts! Clear your calendars because we’re going to guide you through some exciting upcoming cannabis events right here in our beautiful Massachusetts. These handpicked happenings and resources blend education and engagement, offering perfect opportunities to dive deeper into the world of cannabis, and trust us, there’s always something new to learn and explore!

people lining up to get into a convention

1. Cannabis Control Commission Public Meetings

Come one, come all! Here at Capeway Cannabis, we want to warmly invite you all—be you curious newcomers to the cannabis scene, seasoned enthusiasts, or someone in between—to participate in the informative and engaging meetings hosted by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC).

With a welcoming atmosphere akin to a community town hall meeting, these gatherings are a golden opportunity to get involved in the shaping of our vibrant local cannabis culture and regulations. The CCC endeavors to demystify the procedural aspects of cannabis licensing applications, the latest policy updates, and other compelling facets of industry developments. These are not just mere discussions—they are an open forum dedicated to transparency and facilitating understanding.

Guided by our ethos at Capeway Cannabis—that of a friendly, knowledgeable companion—we wholeheartedly drum up support for these CCC meetings. If you’re someone who’s ever felt a tug to voice your perspective on the local cannabis landscape, or have found yourself interested in bolstering your own understanding of this rich, verdant world, these meetings might just be the nurturing greenhouse you’ve been looking for.

Reflecting our approach which celebrates education and empowerment, the meetings of the CCC offer a chance to delve deeper, to question, and to learn. Whether you’re a novice hoping to plant your first seeds of understanding or a connoisseur seeing to prune and sharpen your already knowledgeable repertoire, a CCC meeting awaits your participation with open arms and a wealth of information.

2. NECANN Boston 2024

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Hailed as the most influential, award-winning cannabis conference in the Northeast, NECANN Boston 2024 is a must-visit! Just imagine: a convivial hub buzzing with the energy of leading cannabis executives, astute policymakers, and visionary trailblazers, all in one place. It’s not just a meeting; it’s a fantastic jam-session of minds, a symposium teeming with lively discussions and groundbreaking insights. It’s a platform vibrant with knowledge exchange, collaborative connections, and robust industry growth!

Picture yourself in the thick of it all, meeting industry pioneers face-to-face, exchanging ideas, and soaking up their wisdom. This conference is an invigorating plunge into the heart of the cannabis world, offering you a chance to gain insights into the cutting-edge trends shaping the present and future tapestry of this dynamic sector.

Backed with this wealth of knowledge, you’re in the driver’s seat! Be it deciding what products suit your needs, understanding the nuances of new strains, or even charting a professional course in the cannabis field, the power is in your hands. Every nugget of insight gleaned from this conference contributes to molding your unique cannabis journey, enriching your understanding, and setting the foundation for confident decision-making.

3. Budtender Training

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of transitioning from a cannabis enthusiast to a true connoisseur, we have some delightful news for you. Step right into a world tailored to craft your knowledge and expertise. Imagine these as your cozy cannabis classrooms, where each session is a milestone on your path to mastery.

Crucial to the thriving scene of Marijuana Establishments (MEs), Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MTCs), and Independent Testing Laboratories (ITLs) is the proper training of their agents. It’s not just a matter of compliance and success for these establishments, but a commitment to uphold public safety, health, and welfare for consumers, patients, caregivers, and all constituents in our lovely Massachusetts.

Tucked within the Licensing Department is the Responsible Vendor Training (RVT) certification program. It’s more than just a program; consider it the heartbeat of the Commission’s mission to implement a safe cannabis industry in the Commonwealth. The golden thread that runs through this mission? Well, it’s the steadfast belief that proper training is the spine of a Marijuana Establishment’s success.

To keep the industry robust and reliable, Marijuana Establishment Agents are required to complete this RVT training – consider this their superhero training exercise, equipping them to protect and guide everyone in the cannabis world.

Capeway Cannabis Dispensary — Helping You Explore the Beautiful World of Cannabis

Remember, fellow enthusiasts, while we dive head-first into these events, always adhere to the standard practices and regulations laid out by the state and event organizers. Engage thoughtfully, participate responsibly, and savor each moment in ways we know you do best!

Stay tuned to our blog for more information on future cannabis events and all things marijuana! We’re just warming up here at your favorite Cape Cod Dispensary, Capeway Cannabis, and we can’t wait to spark up more discussions, share new experiences, and explore this beautiful world with each one of you. Get ready to roll with us – we’re just getting started!

The contents of this blog are intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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