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This is the weekend to get some zzzs! 💤

koala bear sleeping on tree

We all hear the word brutal when people talk about the clock change that will happen this weekend. At least go into the darkness stoned, right?

You will love the sleepy time cannabis vibes that Zzzonked gummies bring to bedtime. Stock up on fruity flavors and enjoy that extra hour of sleep.


Can you say warm, sweet, rich and chocolaty hot cocoa?

Get your cannabis vibe on with one of the newest products on the market. We love adding peppermint and whipped cream to finish this delightful, seasonal treat.

Available on-line soon. Ask your bud tender to hook you up.

Apple Cider Gummies from Solar 🍎


In the month of November let us give thanks to the many customers who tipped our bud tenders. Your generous tips go towards supporting Shane Gives Thanks and Damien’s Place, local food pantries located in Carver and Wareham.



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