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Put on your tie die, turn up the tunes, and puff a toast to Jerry!🎶

We are in Grateful Dead sort of mood. We have been all month, actually! We are stoked this this Saturday September 9, 2023 we will celebrate Garcia Day!

There might be nothing shakin’ on Shakedown Street, but there is plenty going on here at Capeway. We are always working hard to bring you amazing Cannabis flower, vapes, edibles and concentrates. The new line of Garcia Hand picked is no different. Not only are the products cool, but they live up to their hype in the potency department. We have all tried a puff and have popped a gummy or two and we approve! 👍🏿


Take a break, click, turn up the volume and enjoy these classic Jerry tunes!


Garcia Fest Bundle Available Saturday!

You didn’t think that we wouldn’t have a special to celebrate Garcia Fest, did you? Not only will there be amazing swag, we also have a Garcia Hand Picked bundle. Choose between two strains on an 1/8th, get two, 2 pack pre-rolls, and a 20 pack gummy package. AVAILABLE ONLY WHILE SUPPLIES LAST! 🔥


Coolest swag since Woodstock

Garcia Hand-Picked has done an amazing job presenting their incredible line of merchandise, packaging, and swag. We are psyched that their trailer “Bertha” will be with us to showcase literally the coolest swag in the Cannabis indus


Can you roll a joint with a missing finger? Jerry could!

All of the Garcia Hand-Picked Cannabis products, including flower are now available for sale on-line and in our dispensary. Got questions? Ask our bud tenders their thoughts on this exciting new line of products.


Now open on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.!

Are you ready for some football? We are open a couple of hours earlier now on Sundays so you can grab your chicken wings and Cannabis and get home to chill out on the couch and watch some football.

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