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Vibations Infused Peach Tangerine Tea Powder – 5mg Each 50mg Total

Brand: Vibations

Vibations Infused Peach Tangerine Tea Powder - 5mg Each 50mg Total

SativaTHC:50mgTAC: 49 mg

Tea up your tastebuds and add some zest to your day. Tangerine and peach, plus a dose of THC, electrolytes, and natural caffeine from guarana, come together to fully charge your body and mind.

Now! Fast-acting! Vibations: Advanced Hydration for your best day. Hydrate and refresh your day with Vibations cannabis and electrolyte drink mix. Each mix is precision-dosed, all-natural, and infused with full-spectrum cannabis, electrolytes, and natural caffeine from guarana for a boost of focus and energy in every sip.

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"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids 49
"TAC" - Total Active Cannabinoids-49

About the brand :

Focus and energize your day with Vibations: Advanced Hydration. Our great-tasting cannabis + electrolyte drink mix is infused with fast-acting, full-spectrum cannabis, optimized cannabinoids, and natural ingredients so you can vibe your way to your best. We’ve harnessed the power of Advanced Hydration from a blend of replenishing electrolytes with mixes now available for Focus + Energy (with caffeine or THCV) and for Sleep (with CBN).

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