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SweetSpot RSO Indica Hard Shell Chocolates Chill 100mg (100pk)

Brand: SWEETSPOT Edibles

SweetSpot RSO Indica Hard Shell Chocolates Chill 100mg (100pk)


Sweet Spot Hard Shell Chocolates coat decadent chocolate in a crunchy outer shell. Sweet Spots offer consumers a lower dosage with faster onset, making them perfect for cannabis users looking to start low and go slow while finding their Sweet Spot! Our CHILL formula provides a calming, relaxing body high to help you unwind while our liposomal encapsulation process breaks up the distillate into smaller particles increasing bioavailability for a faster onset.



About the brand :

FIND YOUR SWEETSPOT. SWEETSPOT edibles are available in a range of formulas that work together, or separately, to help you find your preferred state of mind. Whether you’re looking for a way to relax, focus, sleep, or just enjoy life, there’s a SWEETSPOT that’s right for you.

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