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Axle Grease 7 Pack

Brand: Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Axle Grease 7 Pack


Origin: Chem 1 x Sunshine Daydream x PuTang Breeder: Mass Medical Strains A great option to help you prepare for a highl focused task. Loaked with sticky, crystalized sap. Flavor/Aroma: Fuel



About the brand :
Ocean Breeze Cultivators

Ocean Breeze is a family-run cannabis company located in Gloucester — the second largest fishing port in the country, on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Inspired by the hard work and grit that runs through the town’s history and its people, they landed there to build their flagship space and share their storied cannabis with the community. Their team is an extension of their family — a group of people who share motivation to work hard and work together. Their goal is to provide a deeper and more layered experience for customers — one they won’t find anywhere else.

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