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Happy Patriot’s Day

We are one of the few states that celebrate Patriot’s Day! We are open and we hope that you will run on in to see us! We have live coverage of the Boston Marathon in our dispensary so you won’t miss a beat!

Easily shop on-line and pick up your order at our dispensary. We love seeing our customers and look forward to serving you with a smile.


Tick, tick, tick. We are just days away from the BIG holiday of the year for all of us! Celebrate 420 with Capeway Cannabis. It’s a big deal to have our beloved Cannabis legal and easy and safe to get. Let’s get ready to ride the wave and to have some good times. Here are some of the awesome things that will be going on:

  • Pop-Up with Coast Cannabis
  • Pop-Up with No. 9 Sunflower
  • Pop-up with Ocean Breeze
  • Pop-up with Heirloom Collective
  • Pop-up with High Tides Margaritas
  • Yummy food!
  • Signature T-Shirt Give Aways
  • Raffles to win fun products
  • Music by Adam Frates


We hope that you will be able to join us on April 20th, 2023 to celebrate!


🎶 Ceeeel-ebration time come on! 🎶
Just in time for the big day, check out these 420 bundles available NOW!


Flower Bundle — $55 normally $65

  • Animal Zkittles 3.5g
  • Violet Fog 0.5g –
  • Lilac Diesel 0.5g Bubble Hash


Brunch Bundle —$80 normally $100

  • Mojito 3.5g
  • Mimosa 3.5g
  • Tangerine Haze Chillum


4/$20 Seltzers Normally $32


Root beer Float Bundle – 5mg – $15

  • Root beer originally $8 (unknown)
  • Vanilla Ice Cream originally $10 Cost $5


Root beer Float Bundle – 50mg $30

  • Root beer
  • Vanilla Ice Cream


Edible Bundle—$25 normally $30

  • THC Lumens originally
  • 1:1 Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Betty’s Eddys Elderberry




Come Back Again

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