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Grateful for Garcia Hand Picked! πŸ’š

In this season of thanks be grateful that Capeway Cannabis stocks the amazing brand, Garcia Hand Picked.

Whether it is their amazing, sweet, and fruity gummies or their high THC flower, you will love your Garcia experience. Truck on in to see us at Capeway, turn up your favorite Grateful Dead tunes, pop a few gummies, and light up a joint. Sounds like the perfect start to the week for us.

This Wednesday take advantage of our Garcia Hand Picked Bundle:

  • 3.5 Gram of LA Baker
  • 20 Pack Fruit Gummies
  • 1 Gram Burmese Mimosa Pre-Roll
  • $50 Normally $70

As always, you can shop on-line and easily pick up your order at our dispensary.




Pack your pipe and puff it twice, the gift of cannabis is very nice.

Can you say, “Deal for a Dollar?” Black Friday is coming and we are going to do our part on deals for the biggest shopping day of the year.

Be sure to check out this Black Friday Bundle. From Strane, 3.5 Gram of Alien Mintz πŸ‘½, 3.5 Gram of Compound Z or 3.5 Gram of Gator Breath 🐊 Choose 2 for $65 and get a third for $1. WOW! Offer will be good on Black Friday only and while supplies last.

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