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Do you Doob? 14 Pre-Roll Joints in a Convenient Cube! 🖤🔥

It is harvest time at No. 9 Sunflower Collection.🌻

We were psyched to have an opportunity to visit one of our partners and premier growers, No. 9 Sunflower Collection as they get ready to harvest a multi-million dollar crop of some of the finest Cannabis in Massachusetts.

They sell a wide array of products, but their most popular by far is the Doob Cube. This 14 pack of pre-rolls in four varieties is convenient and gives you a selection of puffs to enjoy. Each one is packed with high levels of THC, so the Cannabis vibe is there and you will love it.

Feel free to shop on-line and place your order. It will be ready to pick up at our dispensary in just a few minutes. We look forward to seeing you!

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